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Friday, December 08, 2006

The World Bank report you don't want to miss...

It's thick, it's heavy (my arm was sore as I was reading it), but it's definitely worth having — if not always for reading. Yes, I am talking about the World Bank's Making the New Indonesia Work for the Poor (beware dial-up subscribers, this is a 12MB file). Those wanting a comprehensive look at poverty in Indonesia should definitely download this file or, if you really like its candy-coloured cover, request a copy from the World Bank Jakarta Office.

The report is comprehensive, methodologically rigorous (often to the point of unreadability), and is not afraid to make controversial proposals. Definitely a good reference — especially since I am sure that none like it is likely to come out in Indonesia in the years to come.

Less thick but equally worth reading are the Making Services Work for the Poor report and its Case Studies companion (to which I contribute).


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