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Friday, January 12, 2007

Thirteen economists of the future

An article in New York Times by David Leonhardt on 13 economists of the future:
So before this year’s conference, I did an informal poll of about 20 senior economists around the country and asked a single question: who are the young (untenured) economists doing work that is both highly respected among experts and relevant to the rest of us? Who, in other words, is the future of economics?

Thirteen names came up more than once, and I’m sure a scientific survey would have produced a longer list. As it is, though, the list is incredibly diverse...

Note in this diversity one Benjamin Olken whose does work on corruption in Indonesia.

Thanks, as is often, to Greg Mankiw's pointer. These "rising stars" are a subset of excellent economists who did technically sound and practically useful studies. I'm sure there are more "rising stars" out there who are doing only the former. (Those doing the latter only, unfortunately, are not usually associated with the term "rising stars" amongst economists).


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